3 Ways Medical Facilities Benefit from Health Information Management – Photostat

health-information-technologyThe healthcare industry is constantly changing which causes many inefficiencies, particularly in health information management. The storage and transmission of medical records is an essential component to providing quality care. However, some healthcare facilities are still processing and managing medical records in a less than efficient manner. Medical records can be managed in a more productive way when performed by a company that specializes in this task. Here are three benefits of health information management:

1. Safe and Secure Processing: There are many demands that healthcare offices face on a daily basis, including processing of medical records. In order to limit a physician’s liability, it is essential that all medical record requests are handled by an experienced employee. This job is not for an entry level employee, as one mistake here could cost thousands in damages! Many healthcare employees do not receive proper training on HIPAA violations, which can lead to serious consequences. For example, a doctor office in New Jersey, was submitting patient bills to collection firms and this doctor faced license suspension due to this violation. When medical staff are not properly trained on handling medical record requests, HIPAA violations are more likely to occur and healthcare facilities can expect to lose more business. In 2016, more than 27 million patient records were breached (Beckers Health IT and CIO Review). Small errors can result in severe damages, and most facilities are not insured to cover those damage costs. Photo-Stat, is a health information management company that  specializes in handling record requests. At Photo-Stat, employees are professionally trained and required to obtain their CHSP (Certified HIPAA Security Professional), which ensures records are always handled by a certified specialist. In addition, our HIPAA compliant services have received HITRUST Certified credentials and are covered by a $3 million liability insurance policy, which includes data breaches. This provides the highest level of security so that requested PHI is delivered in the most secure manner possible.

2. Improve Patient Satisfaction: Healthcare providers have enough demands that already take away from time spent with patients. Medical record processing and management is a time consuming process and if providers spend too much time dealing with these requests, they may lose time with their patients. According to a Gallup News Report, nurses in the U.S. spend an extra 18 hours per week on administrative tasks.  This extra time spent on administrative tasks can lead to a reduction in patient satisfaction, as these time consuming tasks take time away from patients. Photo-Stat, is a health information management company, that can help eliminate extra time spent dealing with medical record administrative processes. This enables healthcare providers to spend more time focusing on their patients. Another way in which patient satisfaction may be affected by inefficient medical record processing, is if the medical records are not sent in a timely manner. Medical facilities do not have the time and resource to pour into their infrastructure to process medical records in an efficient and safe way. However, Photo-Stat helps improve patient satisfaction by delivering all medical records in a timely, and secure manner and keeps patients informed about the status of their records through an advanced text messaging feature. This ensures patients are updated on their requests and decreases the amount of medical record inquiry calls medical facilities receive. No matter what type of request is received, Photo-Stat processes all requests in a timely manner, including non-billable requests. Patient care is at the forefront of Photo-Stat services, and member facilities receive a significant increase in patient satisfaction.

3. Reduce Costs: Hiring employees to process medical records can be costly. Most practices require several employees to handle medical record processes, and this can be expensive. It can be even more expensive if the medical records are not being handled with precision, as this can result in breaches. In fact, there was a $7 ML total cost of breaches in 2016 (HIPAA Journal). Photo-Stat, manages medical record requests using certified employees, and a HIPAA compliant infrastructure, and this is done all for free! In addition, we offer these services in the most convenient way, whether it may be processing records on-site, remotely, centralized, or as shared services.

Healthcare facilities continue to face many inefficiencies, especially when dealing with medical record processing. When it comes to patients, it is important they receive the highest level of care. In order to continue to provide this high level of care, healthcare facilities should seek out services that can help make their tasks more efficient. Medical record management is a time consuming process and should be handled with care. Health information management services, like Photo-Stat, can help improve healthcare inefficiencies and patient satisfaction.


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