Improper Release of PHI Can Have Serious Consequences – Photostat

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects medical records, and other personal health information. An improper release of health information can result in a data breach, and when this happens serious consequences may occur. HIPAA protects medical records, but does not allow patients the right to sue physicians for improper release of medical record information. However, recently the state Supreme Court in Connecticut established that patients have the right to sue physicians for the damage caused by unauthorized release of their medical records. Many states have already adopted this law, and now patients in Connecticut can sue physicians for the damages caused by improper release of private health information. This means healthcare practices and physicians are at risk of liability if medical records are handled in an improper manner. In order to avoid a violation, healthcare practices need to make sure they are HIPAA compliant, and following protocol when it comes to releasing patient medical records. Insider breaches are the leading cause of security breaches in the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, a negligent error from an employee can result in huge fines, and negative consequences for a healthcare facility. A data breach can undermine the credibility of a physician, and patients may also be subject to emotional damages from improper release of personal health information. To avoid data breaches, healthcare facilities need to be HIPAA compliant at all times. This level of compliance involves staying updated on HIPAA policies, and is especially important for those employees accessing and releasing medical record information. Photo-Stat can help narrow the gap between the lack of HIPAA trained employees, and the need for a highly secure system for processing and releasing patient health information. With HITRUST certified credentials, and HIPAA certified employees, Photo-Stat ensures healthcare practices are equipped to handle health information in the most secure manner possible. This ensures patients receive their health information quickly and in the most secure manner. In addition, Photo-Stat has a $3ML insurance policy! In the busy setting of a healthcare office, it is easy for untrained employees to make a mistake. Photo-Stat processes ALL medical record requests, and follows a strict quality assurance process which checks all records to make sure they are in accordance before they are released. This added feature along with Photo-Stat’s secure platform, ensures compliance with medical record release policies, and protects healthcare practices from risk of improper release of health information. Don’t put your practice at risk of a data breach, and call 972-399-0914 today to find out more about our free memberships!





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