Our Employees – Photostat

As with any successful company, employees are custom assignment help the backbone and ours are no exception. We are proud that we have long-tenured employees that have dedicated themselves to not only their jobs, but to the member facilities that they serve.

All of our vetted employees have overcome numerous checks and have successfully passed our mandatory test to become a Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP). We also require that they must attend a minimum of two (2) continuing education workshops during the course of each calendar year. These seminars not only help expand our knowledge in regards to health information management, but allow us to understand the ever-changing laws and regulations within political argument topics our industry, therefore keeping our customers in compliance at all times.

If you have a commitment to gain knowledge and a desire to excel in a new and exciting career and would be interested in becoming a team player for Photo-Stat, please email us at info@photostat.org.