Release of Information – Photostat

Secure and Compliant Release of Information

Medical record processing, commonly known as release of information to authorized requestors, is a daunting task and puts a lot of strain on resources at a medical facility. If you’re a medical facility looking for a more productive alternative to handling your medical record requests in an always secure HIPAA compliant manner look below for more information about our FREE membership.

We specialize in going beyond HIPAA compliance to make sure all Photo-Stat members and requesters have safety nets in processing:

  • Patient Transfers

    Patient Transfers

  • Continuing Care Requests

    Continuing Care Requests

  • Insurance Requests

    Insurance Requests

  • Attorney Requests

    Attorney Requests

  • Disability Requests

    Disability Requests

  • Subpoena Requests

    Subpoena Requests

  • Hedis Requests

    Hedis Requests

  • Deceased/Departing Physicians

    Deceased/Departing Physicians

When a medical record is summoned from your facility, our Certified and bonded representatives follow a 12 point checking process before a requested record is processed. Once records are processed our Quality Assurance team follows a stringent protocol checking for accuracy before the records is delivered to an authorized party.

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

Our services are completely flexible and tailor made to meet your facility requirements. Photo-Stat processing services can perform:

  • Mobile daily or weekly

    Mobile daily or weekly

  • Remote service daily or weekly

    Remote service daily or weekly

  • Centralized from your main headquarters

    Centralized from your main headquarters

All solutions are guaranteed to meet and exceed your facility’s expectations

Unlike other medical record services, Photo-Stat will limit the release of a paper medical records through the mail. We can either deliver the uploaded medical record through a highly secure portal or deliver and track through services such as USPS, FedEx and UPS. All data will be secured on a password protected CD when delivered to authorized parties.

Each account is assigned to a customer service rep that acts as a project manager for our member facilities that we represent. This service designates a point person for all members representing as a liaison with medical record requestors. This process has proven to reduce unnecessary phone calls coming into their facility.