esMD – Photostat

A better way to send audit records

Audits are on the rise as each year Medicare makes billions of dollars in estimated improper payments to medical facilities. Several types of Review Contractors are employed to measure, prevent, identify and correct these improper payments.

esMD is a gateway developed by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the electronic submission of Medical Documentation for all audits to include Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC).

As a certified Health Information Handler (HIH), Photo-Stat is instrumental in allowing medical facilities to save in costly terms of resources and time while eliminating the worries about HIPAA compliance, deadlines and lost submissions. Our services receive quick feedback letting us know that records have been received and forward to the Review Contractor.


  • Guaranteed to meet crucial deadlines
  • Eliminate high facility cost
  • Eliminate your staff’s time and energy
  • Eliminate lost submissions