Patients Come First – Photostat
Patient With Cellphone

We understand that all patient requests are important, and we treat them as top priority.

We strive to make the release of information process as simple as possible, and so we created a user-friendly website. Your patients can easily navigate our website to request their medical records with a HIPAA compliant authorization, and can also directly communicate with us about the status of their records at all times.

Since 87% of the population uses smartphones, patients can easily stay informed of when they have submitted their request, and receive a text notification when their records have been fulfilled and ready for viewing.

We understand that you as a healthcare provider take great pride in the care you give your patients, and we want to compliment this care, and give you more time to focus on the needs of your patients. As an extension of this value, we are confident that you will appreciate the extra attention that we will give to your patients, as well as always protecting the integrity of their PHI.