Solutions – Photostat

All of our designed services are guaranteed to keep your medical facility HIPAA compliant.

  • Release Of Information

    From compressed fees to vague ever changing laws, our ROI service is changing the ways in medical practices today.

    • Reduction in operating costs
    • Same day requests fulfillment
    • Robust reporting features
    • Detailed Tracking
    • 3ML Insurance policy
    • Meets Meaningful Use
    • Handles all ROI phone calls
    • Fully Automated
  • Digital & Physical Storage

    We can handle your dilemma of archived medical records at an affordable price.

    • Optimize your office space
    • Increase employee productivity
    • Easy retrieval of records
    • Encrypted delivery
    • Climate controlled
    • 24/7 security monitored
  • EHR Migration

    Many medical facilities are faced with the challenge of converting their paper medical records to work with their electronic health record system.

    • Save time and money
    • Scan on Demand features
    • Paperless environment
    • Weekly appointment schedules
    • Enhance employee productivity
    • Gain valuable office space
  • Departing Physicians

    This situation is inevitable and we have the perfect answer for this stressful situation.

    • Low cost
    • Alleviate financial and emotional stress
    • Rapid response to patient needs
    • Custodianship
  • Shared Services

    Turn your unprofitable situation into a profit center with our built systems.

    • Revenue source
    • Quality Assurance
    • Reduce overhead expenses
    • Customized reporting
    • Electronic delivery
    • Tracking
    • Fully automated
    • Successful A/R Strategies
  • Patient Form Completion

    Medical facilities are getting inundated with patient forms that need to be completed. Our Patient Form Completion Specialists are highly educated on this tedious function.

    • 24-72 hours completion
    • Decrease office interruptions
    • Decrease Physician and staff workload
    • Increase in patient satisfaction
    • Eliminate patient calls
    • Automate workflow
    • Text messaging
    • 24/7 patient hotline