Benefits of Becoming a Member – Photostat

We are Medical Records Management Experts

With over 20 years of experience as a digital medical records company gives us insights to put policies and procedures in place that make our medical record services unmatched.

Over the tenure of our company we have invested many resources to ensure our members that we are always ahead on technology, ever changing laws and the best possible solutions to perform our service for their facilities. We are dedicated to delivering convenience and peace of mind to all of our Photo-Stat members. Every day we relieve our members with:

  • Low Employee Turnover Rate

    Low Employee Turnover Rate

    Seeing a new face every week to process records for your medical facility might seem common for some companies but not this one!

  • Secure Medical Record Transmissions

    Secure Medical Record Transmissions

    Accountability measures are protected during every step of a medical record transmission.

  • Requestor Communication

    Requestor Communication

    Medical record requestors won’t ever need to call your office for status again.

  • Fully Insured, licensed, and Bonded

    Fully Insured, licensed, and Bonded

    Our services are insured for professional errors and omissions, general liability and data breach insurance.

  • Membership is Completely FREE

    Membership is Completely FREE

    There’s no other health information management solution more cost effective.